About us

Austin Hayes has been on the Yeadon site since 1953 and today has over 50 years experience in refurbishment of ammunition containers and over 30 years experience in providing specialised surface coatings services. It is this extensive experience that has propelled us to be a leader in our industry.

Over our many years of service we have built strong and lasting relationships with our clients, based on our extremely high standards and our long serving team of directors and managers, many of whom have been with us for over 20 years. We have worked with many of our customers for between 5 and 30 years, allowing us to grow and develop alongside them.

A brief timeline of our history



Austin Hayes establish on Yeadon Site, an area with a strong military history, being used to manufacture Avro bombers during WWII. Our first work was the refurbishment of military helmet.



We began working in the refurbishment of ammunition containers



The Shah of Iran fell leading to cancellation of some large ammunition orders and an over-supply of refurbished packaging. At this time the MoD made the decision to use refurbished packaging wherever possible, including for the British army.



Austin Hayes began to use the processes and technology already established to work for the commercial market. Our first customer was Cameron (now One Subsea).



We opened a new division dedicated to the application of applying dry film coatings, also known as thin film.

Our Sectors