Austin Hayes reaps the benefits of major recruitment drive

At Austin Hayes, we believe that people work best when they enjoy what they do. We pride ourselves on the professionalism and camaraderie of our staff, and always endeavour to recruit the right individual for each role. We want everyone to reach their full potential, and leave work with a smile on their face at a job well done.

With increased requirements for the first quarter of 2020 on the horizon, we knew it was necessary to expand the workforce by an additional 20 team members by utilising a temp to perm process. As with any busy workplace, however, it can be challenging to integrate new employees seamlessly into an active team. We wanted to ensure that new recruits were given every opportunity to succeed at Austin Hayes, and that temporary staff felt equally as valued as full-time employees.

An innovative hiring process

To achieve this goal, we partnered with Major Recruitment, a forward-thinking recruitment agency. Through honest and open discussion with their Branch Manager, Briony Tee, we were quickly able to establish a clear vision of the type of candidates we desired. Major Recruitment were also given a tour of the Austin Hayes site to see exactly what type of roles their candidates would be expected to fulfil first-hand.

In keeping with Austin Hayes’ approach to “go the extra mile”, we also worked together to develop a uniquely thorough induction pack for starting staff, which effectively introduced them to life at Austin Hayes in an impressively in-depth, engaging and effective manner. This revised induction pack emphasised Austin Hayes’ Health and Safety procedures, above all else – making sure that all new employees would be able to conduct their work in as safe a manner as possible, and to the same high standards as the rest of the team.

Neither Major Recruitment nor Austin Hayes had ever approached temp to perm recruiting in a manner quite like this before, but the results are clear for all to see. Thanks to the candid communication between the two companies – and a detailed and thorough onboarding process for all new staff – Austin Hayes’ new recruits have become very skilled, competent and knowledgeable in just a few short days.

A fitting example that highlights this positive change was when a senior member of the MoD recently visited the Austin Hayes site. When they asked about a certain process, they were pleasantly surprised to learn that the comprehensive answer they received was provided by a member of staff who had only been working at the company for three days.

Success for new staff from the very start

But don’t just take our word for it. One of our new employees, Jack Grimshaw, only has good things to say about his experience of Austin Hayes so far.

“From day one, managers have been really supportive of me,” he said. “They’re always checking in, making sure that I know what I’m doing and that I’m enjoying myself. What’s more is that temporary staff are equally as respected and looked after as staff that have been working here for years. I’d recommend Austin Hayes to anyone.”

Indeed, Austin Hayes has made real efforts to ensure that our new workers are not only as skilled as our long-term, full-time crew, but that they feel properly integrated into the wider team.

Damian McCreanor on his first day of full-time employment as Systems Support at Austin Hayes.

To support this, each new staff member has an individual mentor that they can depend on, to ask questions and refer to whenever they require help or support. No query is too small, and Austin Hayes has endeavoured to take every suggestion seriously. When a new member, for instance, learned that a process that they had been asked to do was making their uniform wet, management immediately bought waterproof clothing for the entire team.

This quick response to our new staff member’s issue is just one example of the way that we’re making our growing team feel valued. Temporary workers, in particular, have also been encouraged to engage with their colleagues on a social level, ensuring that not only do they feel looked after in a professional sense, but that they feel included in company life as a whole.

This emphasis on integrating people properly has allowed all starting staff to flourish and adapt to life at Austin Hayes in an extremely effective manner. So much so, in fact, that following a successful 13 week trial period, the company has already hired two permanent additions to the team since establishing this temp to perm full cycle relationship process. We are looking forward to converting many more to permanent employment contracts in the New Year… including Jack himself.

Building for the present and the future

We’re delighted with the results of our partnership with Major Recruitment and are excited to welcome more employees to the Austin Hayes family in the coming years. We’re passionate about creating a highly-skilled and dedicated workforce, and have been humbled by the positive reception we’ve received from new starters and existing members of staff alike. There’s never been a better time to join Austin Hayes.