Investing In New Equipment to Support Customer Requirements

Due to an increase in requirements from new customer specifications, we have invested in new inspection equipment and training for NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers). From Elcometer Soluble salt profilers to Elcometer Glossmeters, we only use the best inspection equipment to meet our customers’ requirements.

The Elcometer 480 range is easy to use glossmeters which combine high accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility with functionality making them the most advanced glossmeters on the market today. The award winning Elcometer 130SSP (Soluble salt profiler) provides fast and accurate measurements of the level and density of soluble salts – over 4 times faster than other Bresle equivalent methods.

Furthermore, to continue our efficiency, accuracy and consistency, we use the reliable ElcoMaster software. By using ElcoMaster, we are able to download and transfer data instantly to the software, to the cloud, store in files and send in an email within minutes. It also allows us to organize readings tailored to meet specified requirements, group and combine batches of data to create bespoke evidentiary reports while on the job.
By investing in Elcometer’s inspection equipment and by using the ElcoMaster software, our customers are guaranteed to get results of a high standard.

Austin Hayes Ltd pride ourselves on having our inspectors certified to the NACE Coating Inspector Program to cover projects in all industries, from oil and gas, to Nuclear and the Rail sector.

The NACE Coating Inspector Program (CIP ) sets the benchmark within the inspections protective coatings industry ensuring our inspectors are fully trained in using all advanced levels of equipment ; this is the world’s most recognized certification, with the primary aim of producing the highest caliber of paint inspectors.

All our inspectors at Austin Hayes are qualified to at least CIP level 2, and our senior inspector holds the highest level achievable; CIP level 3.

Combining state of the art equipment with the quality and the experience of our inspectors, we can continue to meet the new quality related challenges set by our customers to deliver the highest levels of protective coatings in the industry today.

Please feel free to contact us to further discuss any requirements that you may have.