KTP Graduate Attends OCCA Event

Earlier this month KTP Graduate Julia Duan attended the Aspects of Additives & Control Agents Forum provided by The Oil and Colour Chemists Association. The forum brought together companies that are keen to help others understand ‘aspects of additives and control agents’ by dispelling some of the mysteries and providing sound advice and technical support.

Julia was among seven experts to provide presentations at the events, discussing the influence of solvent additions on the application of paint formulas in her own presentation. Julia’s presentation concentrated on an investigation into the changes that arise when a number of materials, including aromatic hydrocarbons such as toluene or xylene, are used as non-reactive diluents and subjected to solvent additions to the original formulation process – as recommended by the paint manufacturer.

Julia gave a brief overview of the diluents for epoxy resins, followed by a consideration of investigations that have been undertaken relating to aspects of rheological properties and the thermal properties of current ‘raw material’ formulated liquid coatings and of their solid/cured equivalents. One of the objectives for Julia’s work is to collate relevant scientific factors and data, that when appropriately interpreted could assist in the development of efficient coating application procedures whilst ensuring the efficiency of existing commercial coatings action in protection.



Julia’s work was extremely well received by the attendees at the forum and comes after her attendance at the COSI conference 2016 where Julia was invited to participate in the prestigious event’s poster session.