Environmental Policy


Austin Hayes Group (The Company) recognises that its activities impact on the natural environment, and is committed to understanding, reducing and improving this impact, and the potential associated long-term reduction of costs. To this end, The Company has developed an environmental aspects register, which considers the nature and scale of its activities, products and services, as well as the associated environmental impact.

The Company is committed to the protection of the natural environment, particularly the prevention of pollution, and will seek to control its activities to avoid unnecessary and unacceptable risks and/or adverse effects on the environment, thereby ensuring compliance with all applicable statutory, client and other compliance obligations.

Environmental awareness and individual responsibility will be developed amongst employees at all levels and effective consultation will be encouraged. The Company will develop and improve standards by making use of available technology and developments, and has also established environmentally focused objectives, which are designed to provide the necessary focus to drive The Company’s commitment to achieving continual improvement.

Clients, employees and other interested parties, including the general public, who may be affected by The Company’s activities, will be made aware of anything that may affect the environment. As part of this, The Company has established a suite of emergency procedures, designed to manage such situations, should they arise.

The organisation has established a suite of roles and responsibilities, to ensure that persons with managerial responsibilities and accountabilities, ensure that environmental issues are considered when making decisions and when planning or controlling works. In addition, all employees are expected to recognise their individual responsibilities for carrying out their works in a manner that is sympathetic with good environmental stewardship. To assist in this, all employees shall be provided with an IMS Awareness Briefing, that includes content aimed at enhancing environmental awareness.

This Policy will be reviewed annually.

Steve Graves
Managing Director

Date of Issue: 17th October 2022
Nick Eagleton

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