Liquid Natural Gas

The liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry requires coating solutions for a range of potential hazards and environmental storage solutions.

Hazards including flammability, freezing and asphyxia increase the importance of correct coating specifications to protect against the consequences of unwanted release, while the low temperature environments required for storage also dictate that coatings are able to withstand extremes of −162 °C (−260 °F). Austin Hayes has experience in providing such coatings for large LNG tanks.

In 2011 Austin Hayes worked with Process Combustion Ltd, one of Europe’s largest high pressure gas pipeline transporter manufacturers. Integral to the work completed by us was the safety of the tanks. Our NACE qualified inspector carried out testing for pin holing, surface profile, dry film thickness, adhesion testing and took readings for temperature and humidity. The whole project was also inspected by a third party inspector and a Process Combustions inspector, ensuring we attained the high calibre of work required to guarantee safety.

Projects we have worked on include: five vaporiser tanks for Process Combustion Ltd

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