Oil & Gas

We can apply specialist coating solutions to highly sophisticated oil & gas industry drilling and extraction equipment. The coatings we provide are designed to cope with the extreme demands a subsea environment places on this equipment, inhibiting corrosion and providing surface release for marine equipment.

Arguably one of the most severe tests of protective coatings, subsea environments require a standard of quality that is only achievable through years of experience and impeccable competency, allowing for the avoidance of costly failures. Austin Hayes has a long-established history of providing coatings for this demanding market, having serviced this industry since the 1980s. Our specialised coatings for subsea and offshore engineered components ensure the longevity of these parts for in excess of 20 years, we are also able to design specific paint specifications to suit the individual needs of our customers.

Projects we have worked on include:

  • BP Angola
  • Total AKPO and USAN
  • Petrobas Marlim
  • Baleia Azul
  • Conoco Philips Jasmine
  • Shell Sapiem Bonga.
  • Statoil Snohvit
  • Ithaca Stella
  • Chevron Tombua-Landana

We are accredited to work to the Norsok specifications.

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