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Fishplates, used to join two rails together in a rail track, have specific coatings requirements. Due to their integral importance in ensuring the structural strength of the track in its entirety, and the constant friction they receive from trains, they need coatings that ensure strength and increase longevity, protecting against wear whilst offering good electrical conductivity. Austin Hayes has experience in providing thermal metal spray protection on such components for the London Underground.

It is important to minimise wear on fishplates as if top rail wear is excessive wheel flanges may contact fishplates and fishplate bolts, resulting in a requirement for these to maintain the strength to support rail vehicles. Friction can cause excessive wear and result in the integrity of these joints being compromised, increasing the likelihood associated hazards. We have the knowledge to provide solutions which offer great corrosion resistance throughout the service life of the fishplate while maintaining good electrical conductivity, which may not be possible using other paint coating methods.

Projects we have worked on include: Providing protective coatings for fishplates for The London Underground, painting the service trains for Eurostar and painting train bodies for Hunslet Engine Company.

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