Temperature Specified Local Exhaust Ventilation

The requirement for coatings which protect against extreme high temperatures encompasses a range of different processes and industries. At Austin Hayes, we have experience in supplying these solutions most notably for chimneys, providing thermal protection for these high temperature environments to ensure both performance and durability and protecting against hot flue gases and fumes.

Coatings for chimneys and local exhaust ventilation (LEV) systems not only need to be able to protect the structure for high temperatures, but also ensure that gas and fume flow is in no way restricted and any cleaning processes can be performed without causing damage to the surface. We have extensive experience in providing these types of solutions, with the entire coatings process being carried out by our highly trained and specialised staff certified as ICATS Industrial Coating Applicators, providing our customers with total assurance that any work will be carried out on budget, on time, and to the full satisfaction of visiting inspectors and clients.

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