Water Treatment

The removal of contaminants from water during the treatment process results in a requirement for coating solutions for collection systems, digesters, clarifiers and secondary containment units which protect against corrosion. Austin has can apply protective coatings to water treatment components to extend the lifespan of the steel.

Pollution in wastewater could include human waste, industry, agricultural waste or other sources, resulting in the collection of corrosive gases and liquids. It is integral that the components and storage facilities that come into contact with these substances are able to withstand the corrosive damage they can inflict. With the treatment of water being of such integral importance to public health, our team of highly specialised professionals work to the full satisfaction of visiting inspectors and clients, as with all projects we undertake.

Projects we have worked on include:

  • Ham Baker Adams
  • Longwood Engineering
  • A&J Fabtech

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