Wind Energy

Austin Hayes has many years experience in providing protective coatings solutions for the wind energy industry. Due to the variety of often harsh environmental conditions these structures are exposed to, coatings need to be able to withstand, amongst others, freezing rain, high winds, hail and UV degradation whilst maintaining a smooth surface for efficient air flow.

The erosion and corrosion of wind turbine towers and blades will eventually reduce the the structure’s strength, lifespan and ultimately lead to a reduction in the economic value. Austin Hayes have the experience required to ensure that coatings not only protect these structures but also the competence to ensure that imperfections and unwanted surface profiles, which can interfere with airflow resulting in vibration and reduced efficiency, are eliminated. We have the capacity to provide protective coatings for structure sections up to 11m by 5m and always to the highest possible standard.

Projects we have worked on include: Wind Turbines on Ovenden Moor and involvement in a project for 4Navitas on their vertical wind energy system.

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