MOD Abbey Wood

Richard Goodbrand, Packaging Officer said:

“I want to echo the sentiments expressed last week: it was genuinely inspiring to hear the lads speaking with pride about their work, their development within AHL and their understanding of their importance to the development of the company, as well as a fundamental appreciation of how factors like the quality system and working safely impact upon their output. There’s a clear desire to invest in the staff and to encourage their development within the company.

I want to thank you and all of the staff for taking the time to show Matt and I why the term, Team Austin Hayes neatly expresses the AHL business plan.”


MOD Abbey Wood

M D Caswell, Packaging Project Manager – Defence General Munitions said:

“A belated written thank you for last week.  The time spent with you was exceptionally useful in preparing for the short and longer term strategy. The complete picture of Austin Hayes I attained last week, along with the roles, innovation, genuine desire to achieve by all personnel has been inspiring.

I recognise that behind you two, I am also duly supported by the wider AHL team (that’s continuously developing) and you all enable me to achieve in what I have been charged to achieve on behalf of the MOD.  Thank you gentleman, thank you.”


Process Combustion Ltd

Julian Smith, Technical Director said:

“We have just completed a Project for HQCEC, to provide 2 Hybrid LNG Vaporisers to their Jiangyin LNG import terminal. This project was very important to us in that it was the first of the new generation of hybrid units and also the first one collaborating with a new Chinese team. It was important to produce a unit of high quality with a tight delivery date. As such we chose Austin Hayes as we knew they could meet our needs.

From order placement we received excellent assistance in the preparation of our paint procedures. We also worked together on the planning in the weeks before delivery which was key to getting the painted units back in to our workshop exactly when we needed them. For these type of projects we have a very high level of documentation, and it just arrived on time and all correct with no problems.We also received excellent aftercare. During the final assembly it is inevitable that we will get some minor scratches and chips. The team at Austin Hayes offered an excellent service in repairing these kinds of damages, ensuring final goods are in pristine condition when leaving our factory.

We would like to thank all the Team at Austin Hayes, for ensuring this project ran smoothly in execution the end result was of the highest quality.”



Dave Gee, Commodity Buyer said:
“Austin Hayes have been providing OneSubsea with excellent support and service for many years. Their work has been a major factor in our strategic procurement activities both present and going forward for surface coatings.
I can confidently recommend Austin Hayes as a reliable supplier and look forward to continued business between our two companies.”

Stephen Robinson, Procurement Manager said:
“Austin Hayes worked throughout the Easter bank holiday weekend to complete an urgent project for One SubSea and BP. The project consisted of removing old coating through abrasive blasting, phosphating, masking and applying Molycoat dry film coating and oil top coat to ten locking dogs”. Austin Hayes took on the project at very short notice and turned round the work very quickly, allowing us to collect from their site on Easter Sunday and continue with critical assembly build. One SubSea were very happy with the co-operation that Austin Hayes provided and with the quality of the work.”


James Birdsall, Site Manager OSS Leeds said:
“I just wanted to say thank you from the BP Leeds site team. You really did pull out all the stops to allow the project to maintain schedule on this very critical project. It’s great to see companies like yours step up to the challenge, deliver on time, with minimum fuss. A breath of fresh air.”

A Taylor & Sons LTD

John Benson, Managing Director of A Taylor & Sons, has worked with us for the last 37 years, having met our former MD Nik Vjestica as they both started at their respective companies. In this time we have consistently provided painting services for the company, feeding into the oil and gas market, as both ourselves and A Taylor have grown. When asked, John said of Austin Hayes:

John Benson, Managing Director said:
“They have recently added a significant string to their bow by embracing other coating applications such as Xylan, Molykote and other dry film coatings. The 21st century Austin Hayes has left the 20th century version far behind and today’s operation is clean, slick and highly professional”


Austin Hayes have worked with ABB since 2001, providing protective coatings for a range of products, in particular Venturi flow meters and assemblies for subsea use. Recently we worked together on the Shell Bonga  Deepwater project for Nigeria. Over the years we have worked on various projects for BP, Statoil, Ithaca and Chevron.

Craig Johnston, Subsea Project Manager said:
“Austin Hayes are our only approved subcontractor for the subsea projects.  Their quality has never in doubt and the final products speak for themselves. Their ongoing support and willing to help does not go unnoticed.  Austin Hayes are the first company that I pass on to people looking for a good painting facility.”

Koso Kent Introl

Austin Hayes have been working with Koso Kent Introl for over twenty years, coating valves in a variety of shapes and sizes. We have been working directly with Joanne Madigan, Project Engineer, for the past 9 months. Coating approximately 135 valves in that time. This is what she had to say about working with Austin Hayes:

Joanne Madigan, Project Engineer said:
My personal experience has been good. The jobs have been turned around quickly and I have been updated all the way.

Process Combustion

Ian Jones, Project Director said:
“Process Combustion have used Austin Hayes for many years as a sub-contractor of industrial coating services and during this time have valued their knowledge and good workmanship. We therefore had no hesitation in using them for this project which required the work to be completed in a short time frame and to a high standard.”

Oliver Twinsafe Valves

Mark Oliver, Deputy Chairman said:
“Thanks to Nick, Julie and all the team at Austin Hayes for I think the most complex paint system we have seen on some of the biggest valves we have ever made on an almost impossible lead time schedule. Of just the valves being airfreighted to Asia on this project, 32 tonnes of valves in total, the first 16 tonnes are being loaded on to a freight plane at Manchester airport as we speak!”