Masking & Stenciling

Much of the work Austin Hayes undertakes requires extensive masking at various stages. We understand that parts of some components may require no blasting, no coating or only limited coating, with masking occurring before blasting, after blasting or after primer.

Whatever your requirements, we adhere to the exact needs of our customers, working to their precise specifications and drawings. Our plotting machine is used to make vinyl masking shapes. We use a variety of shapes and materials to fill holes, allowing us to create a professional, precision finish.

In addition to masking we also offer stencilling services, making use of our aforementioned plotting machine. All our stencils are generated to the exact requirements provided by our customers, with precision and attention to detail being of the utmost importance to us. We can apply stencils in addition to our refurbishment and coatings solutions to fulfil your identification or instructional needs.

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