Thermal Metal Spray

Austin Hayes provide thermal metal spray in aluminium or zinc which gives excellent corrosion resistance. Typically used in subsea, marine, atmospheric and high temperature applications.

Our team of highly skilled engineers apply these coatings using the latest wire-arc technology, a service trusted by leading oil & gas, marine and valve suppliers.

Wire-Arc coatings are fast and cost effective, being the best choice for protection against corrosion. The process can be used to apply galvanically active coatings such as Zinc and Aluminium.

The wire-arc process is often known as a ‘cold’ process as the temperature of the substrate can be kept low throughout. The process involves two wires, driven into an electric arc to form molten particles. These particles are made into a spray that is forced out of a gun by compressed air onto the substrate.

We also apply durable non-slip coatings 28E Arctec non-slip coatings ideal for use in pedestrian & industrial flooring areas, bridge decks, escalators, steel floors and panels across a range of diverse industries

All of our equipment and metal wire is provided by Metallisation, ensuring the highest quality results and continued research and development into the best new processes.

In addition, we are also members of TSSEA, a UK-based organisation whose aims are to promote the use and development of thermal spraying and other surfacing technologies wherever they may be appropriate. Two of our employees are accredited by TSSEA for the application of metal spray.

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