Zinc Phosphating

Applying Zinc Phosphate to components provides a binder for lubricants, rust prevention and waxes, extending the life of the substrates below and minimising costs.

Prior to phosphating items are blasted with abrasive to provide a key for the coatings and de-greased.

By using a Zinc Phosphate layer under additional coatings results in higher levels of corrosion protection and low friction surfaces. At Austin Hayes our highly trained NACE qualified teams use the immersion process; and can provide this service in combination with other coatings solutions (usually prior to dry film applications) or as an independent process.

Typically used for corrosion resistance or as a rust preventative zinc phosphate coatings can also improve the appearance of finished goods through the creation of a uniform grey or black finish. It is used for products which are open to harsh weather conditions.

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